The Bahamas Island Vacation Spot Fernandez Bay Village on Cat Island

How about this for your next Bahamas island vacation: Live in your own private seaside cottage at Fernandez Bay Village on Cat Island, Bahamas. Perfect for families, couples, or individuals looking for a secluded island getaway, this might just be the best Bahamas island vacation idea ever.

Lying 130 miles southeast of Nassau, on the small boot-shaped Cat Island is a relaxed and unspoiled place with sparkling beaches, small settlements, a few sizeable hills, and Bahamas resort Fernandez Bay Village. Cat Island is full of hills and boasts the highest elevation of the Bahamas. The highest point is 200 feet above sea level and it is brimmed with cliffs as well as lush tropical forests. From these high cliffs, there is a beautiful view down to densely forested foothills and 60 miles of deserted pink-and-white-sand beaches. Cat Island has much deeper soil than most of the other islands of The Bahamas, which are actually tops of sand dunes from the earth’s ancient plains. Expect to see a variety of plants and animals that migrated from the West Indies on this Bahamas Island vacation.

Cat Island, Bahamas has a population that is under 2,000, so you’ll be able to enjoy quiet walks on the beautiful beaches. Including, the eight mile long “Pink Sand Beach”. Most of these Bahamas beaches gradually extend, coral free, far into the water. There is virtually no undertow or large wave in the bay or in the cove

Fernandez Bay is a very unique bay with dramatic views from every angle. It has secluded Bahamas Island beaches, lush vegetation with Casurina and Coconut trees, and of course, the kind of clear water only found in the Outer Islands on this Bahamas Island vacation. Enjoy the panoramic views of the beach from the main house. Look out to the west you see three small keys, two rocky points at either end of the sand beach and clear water with white sand bottom as far as you can see.

Stay in a cozy seaside cottage on your next Bahamas Island vacation.

The Bahamas Island resort Fernandez Bay Village is remote and rustic - friends, family and couples gather daily to unwind in one of the 12 enchanting stone and tile seaside cottages dotted along a mile of secluded Bahamas Island beach. Hammocks, canoes, kayaks, seaside dining, thatched roof tiki bar, fishing, snorkeling, scuba, boats, bicycles, star gazing - all to partake on this Bahamas Island vacation.

Fernandez Bay Village is also the Bahamas island vacation spot favored by explorers who prefer their island life quaint, quiet, simple and dare we say it? Barefoot... No rules here, just relaxation and recreation on the land or in the sea, when the spirit moves you. Cat Island exploration is especially popular with eco-tourists in search of an unspoiled island atmosphere. After a single day at Fernandez Bay Village you will feel as if you have already spent two weeks. After a weekend, this Bahamas island resort will haunt your dreams at night. All you will be capable of seeing is the blue waters and all you will feel is them caressing your feet.

Bahamas scuba diving and snorkeling is a favorite activity on this island vacation.

Scuba divers and snorkelers will see beautiful unspoiled tropical reefs with the water so crystal clear that you can see the other group's bubbles from 200 feet away. Experienced divers regularly visit Cat Island, Bahamas to dive the wall that extends on for 12 miles along this coastal length, dropping to 1800m in depth. The wall even has a fringing coral reef on its shore side and there are even more patches of reefs between that and the actual shore. Bahamas scuba diving doesn’t get any better than this!

If you still need more convincing then browse our web site. Enjoy the gallery with photos of this Bahamas Island vacation resort and its beach. Check out the seaside cottages and Bahamas villas, then book your room using our contact form or pick up the phone and call 1 (800) 940-1905 for our reservations desk.

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